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Ad-Media Promotions, LLC: is the virtual site of Ad-Media Promotions, LLC, a full service advertising agency located in Las Vegas, Nevada, in business since 1985 and online since 1998.  We specialize in attention getting advertising for all media... that gets results!

Ad-Media Promotions, LLC targets your market!

If you want to get your business or product discovered by a specific customer we will design a promotion that will get you known by the particular people who would be interested in you.

Now Specializing in:

Virtual Architectural 3D Animated Visual
Rendering Presentations

Ad-Media Promotions LLC starts Network for Entrepreneurs!


AMP.BZ pronounced "amps" (BZone)

AMPnet.US * AMPnet.IN *


If you're an Entrepreneur with a lifetime passion for advertising... this is what you've been waiting for.  Here you will have an opportunity to join a network where you will have the ability to show and tell what you can do for a client and be able to put in a bid for advertising jobs in the US, the UK and on the Internet.


It's as simple as this... any business, talent, product, entity, etc. wanting advertising will just need to put a request to the network for a specific type of advertising promotion.  Through this network each entrepreneur will be able to interact with the future client giving an estimation of the job required and the two will be connected directly. Not only will AMP.BZ unite the people interested to each other but it will also set the standards of the job without a hassle. Giving way for the client to get their needs met for the price they want to pay.